Goldman Sachs Technology Summer Internship Interview

Goldman Sachs

Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum but have been reading it for extremely helpful information throughout the process of applying for internships. As the title states, I have a interview coming up for a summer internship position for technology at GS and the email they sent me says the interview consists of an analytical thinking exercise along with a competency based interview. I was just wondering, can anyone help me on what the analytical thinking exercise will be about and what form it will be in as I literally have got no idea what to expect and thought it would be good to prepare a bit so I wouldn’t be shocked during my interview!

Even if you don’t know specifically what it will be about any input is good input as at the moment on a scale of 1-10 I am at a 1 in terms of preparation and am sure I will benefit from anything!

Thanks ever so much, kind regards.


anyone please?


Hey I have an interview scheduled… could you please shed some light on the Analytical Thinking Exercise, and anything else if you can, anything you have to add will be extremely beneficial. Many Thanks