Goldman Sachs Technology Internship

Goldman Sachs

My experience:

  • Online application form (wait a month)

  • invitation to first interview and analytical exercice

Exercise was some questions around a case study about some servers and VMs. Nothing too technical but if you know about servers, cpus and Vms you have an advantage. The questions are not technical but require you to justify your reasoning to a member from the technology team.

Interview for me was weird, the guy just sat and chatted to me and basically told me his life story. Others got asked competency questions which is what we were told to expect.

  • Invitation to assessment/final interview

3 Competency based interviews with 2 people from the technology team each time.

1st Interview was mainly commercial (Why Goldman, how do we make money (liars loans…greece) what areas to we operate in, what can you bring?

2nd Interview - how many telephone numbers are there in London, how would you work this out?

3rd Interview - pure competency, when have you gone above and beyond

Hope this helps some other candidates.


Are you from computer engineering background?


no Geography


I am asking seriously. help me out when they ask questions like how many cars are in London, how many baby diapers are used everday in America etc? I see such questions being asked in the forum columns but no asnwers.


I actually study Geography fool.

With this kinds of questions you dont wanna get flustered, its about showing a logical approach.

For say the number of phone numbers in London there are parameters you need to define:

What consitutes London? What counts as a number, At what point of time are they asking for? - because there are many commuters coming in and out of London

Then you would logically use some population data - 10mill in London so atleast one phone number on average,

Depending on your previous definition of what a number is you could use the number of businesses, house holds etc.

Hope this givesa good starting point


Hi, Thanks for the insight.

I completed the first interviews and now have the second interviews next week.

I quite like the whole process, because everyone seemed interested in my ‘competencies’ - programming. I was never asked questions about the financial sector, although I was prepared to explain my understanding of it.

Goldman Sachs interviews so far have really been the best, the persons who interview you are really super knowledgeable.


Are you from Singapore and is that for Asia pacific roles?


I applied for a placement in the UK.