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Goldman Sachs

Hey guys,

does anybody have any experience in applying to goldman sachs? I’ve applied to them for a grad role in Securities Trading. Sorry for being a fool but I can’t find any bits on the forums about interviews / ACs in their trading, and was wondering:

a) has anyone applied / heard anything?
b) has anyone had experience of the process and is willing to share?

Many thanks,


To follow up on this: I’m actually not an economist so would be interesting to hear what people have experienced from other degree subjects


I have applied too, If I have any answer I’ll tell you. Not the same position though.


Hey guy your application’s status are “under review” or “receveid” ? mine is receveid since one month


There are two types of application status. Reviewed is when a position is available and your application is being considered for the vacancy. Receieved is when the position is not available yet and if/when it opens then the application will be reviewd


Hi there,

I applied for GS grad sales and trading (if I’m not wrong) one month ago and still got no news. I’ll tell when some come!

Good luck!


Has anyone had their first round interview for securities, I got the e-mail to select a time/ date for mine but there are no slots left, does this mean all the vacancies are already full?