Goldman Sachs securities test?

Goldman Sachs

Anyone know more about it? I know

one may not use a calculator… But what kind of questions come up? Is there a good place to practise for it online?




Have you been invited to take this test?





When I attended the first round last year, I did shl tests. Verbal test was similar to online one. Numerical was much eaiser bt we were not allowed to use the calculator. There should also be a competency interview. Best of luck.


Thanks a lot Aj.

Would you be able to shed a bit more light on the numerical bit? What kind of questions were there and how much mental arithmetic is involved?


hi heathonrails

is it for a grad role or intern?

I’ve applied for summer intern and have not heard anything, are all invites for first rounds sent out?


This is for intern. I don’t know if all invites have been sent but I know a lot have…


Pretty simple maths. If you are ok with your multiplication and divisions and if you are comfortable with graphs, charts, percentages and ratios; you will be fine. Good luck everyone.