Goldman Sachs second round interview

Goldman Sachs



I had the final interview for Technology Summer Analyst for the summer 2014 on 10th February 2014.
When should I expect to hear from them ?

Has anyone got an offer for the same ?



Still waiting for the results from my 1st interview for a placement >_< Just wondering how long did it take for them to get back to you after your 1st interview?


(^ sorry, my phone screwed up my comment)
I’m still waiting to hear from my 1st interview for a placement position. How long did they take to get back to you after your 1st interview?


I have applied for the summer internship role.
I went in for my first interview on Friday and heard back from them on tuesday (the one that followed it).
They say that they will be in touch within two weeks. So don’t worry !


Hey ! I am in the same situation . Haven’t heard back since ! Did they get back to you ?


Oh no they haven’t.


Benlolam - When was your second round interview ?


brewingstorm - Did they get back to you ?


Nope, and it’s been three weeks :frowning: No news is good news I suppose, but I do wish they wouldn’t keep me in suspense, just tell me and get it over and done with! Any idea when their recruitment period ends?


I had my interview last week , still haven’t heard :confused:


Hi I had just received an offer from Goldman Sachs :smiley:
What about you all ?

I can also help anyone with the interviews.


Hey Congratulations for your offer! Did you receive it via phone or email ?


A person called me and told me about it.
What date was your interview on ?


Congrats s_girl!! A classmate of mine got her offer for a placement yesterday… well I dont have much hope at this point XD


I had my interview on the 10th of February


Brewingstorm- why don’t you email the HR and ask ?
Benlolam - still 2 days left for the week to end. Lets hope you get an offer as well !


Thanks a lot ! Hope so :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile: I also had my final interview for GIR on 10th but still haven’t heard from them.
I’m not sure whether no news is really good news :frowning:
When did they call you?


A person from GS called me on 19th Feb.



Has anyone got an offer for GIR?
How were the 2nd round interviews?