Goldman Sachs Second Round Interview Operations Placement Help

Goldman Sachs


Have my second round interview with goldman sachs this wednesday for an industrial placement in operations?

(its 3 x 30 mins interviews that are supposed to add a technical touch as opposed to being competency based)

Please can anyone tell me some of the questions they remember or advice on how best to prepare?

Thank you very much


Hey how was your interview? I have the same interview, can you give me some details on the questions asked and how you prepared for it?

Thank you


Heya, I’ve applied for a placement in another division, just wondering how long did GS take to get back to you after your 1st interview? I’ve been waiting for a while now :confused:


They got back to me the day after, this was back in december


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: So they’ve got back to you in December for your second interview in February?