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Guys, I just received an email from GS informing that I have been selected for a first round interview at GS Hongkong. The full time analyst position is under the Principal Strategic Investments Team of the Securities Division.

I really cannot remember applying resume for such a position that I have not even heard of … The email also asks me to confirm my interest in this position…So it is possible that they receive my application for another department but made adjustments?

I am quite curious about this Principal Strategic Investments Team. Does anyone know what exactly they do? I have heard stories about the terrible work at Hongkong IBD… is this position any better? Thanks a lot


The Principal Strategic Investments team works as an internal private equity making investments of strategic value to the Sales & Trading division of Goldman Sachs. They focus on investments in financial technology companies and market structure companies that will add value to GS Sales & Trading. As the name involves, it is both about strategy and investing. I think they have a team in NY, one in London and an other one in Hong Kong.

Although it belongs to the Securities division, the job is an hybrid between PE and IB I’d say so I wouldn’t expect much better hours than an IBD team.

Hope this helps.


Can you elaborate on what you mean by market structure company?


Market structure companies are mainly exchanges (Nasdaq, NYSE etc) and other alternative trading venues (dark pools) etc


Hi are you based in London?

I also received the same email from GS Securities in HK. Have you had your first round yet?

Thanks and good luck to us both!


you’re right about their similarities to PE, but another function is they work closely with traders, offering information about things like regulatory changes, or sometimes participating in specific deal structures. That’s what they told me in my first round. I don’t know if it would be appropriate to ask about the hours, but they did told me they have about 5 PE projects on average each year.

I do think this position offers quite limited options for future development.


No, I’m not.

I had it about one week ago. People were nice and would tell you some basic information about the position at the beginning of the first call.


Inferno, are you looking to start within PSI as a first year analyst ? I guess there must be opportunities to move laterally if it’s not what you are after…


it’s just I really know too little about the position, and perhaps investing in such limited areas get boring very soon. I found one of the guy’s profile on 'linked-in" who was clearly eager to get out, but had been there for a really long time…