Goldman Sachs New Analyst intake 2019


Have applied about a month ago. No communication, no tests. As I understand, they are quite different from any other employer and invite to an interview straight after the application (or do not invite :sweat_smile:).

Has anyone got any responses or other communications yet?


I am pretty sure I read on their website, that they would respond after the deadline has passed. Unless anyone has heard differently?


Got rejected by one division out of three. Fingers crossed :roll_eyes:


how do know you’ve been rejected ? I Have not received any information from the company !


Got an email, which said ‘forget about IBD but the other two divisions may still consider you’.


Has anyone heard back from any other division, other than IBD?


Still no


anyone here anything yet?


Still nothing since the IBD rejection




Still silence :frowning:


Still haven’t heard a word