Goldman sachs new analyst application help!

Goldman Sachs

Hi all,

Goldman Sachs has opened their new analyst applications for a 2012 start.
I am going into my 3rd year at the University of Leicester, Studying Management and Finance and I am currently on a 1st.
I have some experience, this summer I am working as a Financial Analyst for a large retailer.
In order to have the best chance of getting a job for Goldman, what would you guys suggest is the best division/route to take?
I know I am not of Oxbridge calibre, but I am determined to work for an Investment Bank so any help would be awesome!
Do you think I have a chance?!

Thank you!


Yo need to do a bit more research into what division within the industry most interests you. from past experience i can say that you need to convey a sort of hunger and drive for the division you have applied to in an interview (especially with GS). I wouldn’t say there is any ‘best division’ as once you are stuck in back office for example, it is quite hard to move to front office when u realise the BO bores you.

Sorry for sounding a little pedantic, but if you choose to ignore the above then I hear Technology and Operations divisions have lots more spots than front office roles like in the securities divsion (where EVERYONE wants to be these days). given whats going on in the markets those would be the easier (but lamer and boring) options.


First of all, how did you enjoy working as a Financial Analyst?..If it gave you a buzz and you were darting around with enthusiasm then you might consider Front Office Equities cos that’s pretty much about the Fundamentals!!!. As for getting into GS, well wannabe_Trader is spot on.

You have to research GS, the industry and show tons of passion about GS/Front Office(equities or whatever) and get as much info as you can about them. Most importantly you will have to show why you think GS is a better brand than its competitors, bear in mind they have been under close scrutiny by the SEC/FSA and have suffered increased reputational risk. However, they still remain profitable and investor confidence in their skill and ability has not been dented much.



I have recently applied to GS for a front office(corporate finance) role. I am currently working in citigroup as tech analyst but want to switch to front office role(for sure!!).

I have shown the right motivation I assume for the specific role through my covering letter, but do I really have a chance for such role? I have good understanding of the finance and investment banking industry but dont have any substancial experience in the front office. I intend on applying to Credit suisee and JP Morgan as well so some feedback before that will be helpful.