Goldman Sachs - London - Operations Analyst - Graduate - 2015 - Final Round Interview

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Has anyone completed the final round interviews for GS - Operations Analyst. I have my interview on Friday and I wanted to know if all the three interviews are similar or are there any clear distinctions between them. What I have researched so far has shown more competency based questions in all interviews.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Stuti Dalmia


Hi Stuti

The section under ‘Second Round Interviews’ on this page may help you:

Good luck!


Hey Stuti,

I have my final round interview on Monday and I was hoping that you could give me any tips from yours today if you don’t mind sharing?
I hope it went well for you!



Hi megphil

I had my final round interview on Monday as well. Have you heard from GS since then?



Hi jac.rice0709

Thank you for the link :slight_smile:


Hi megphil

Im sorry I couldn’t log on earlier. Hope the interview went well.

jessy18 : I had my interview on 28th and I received my offer yesterday so I think you should hear back early next week!


Hi Sdalmia
Did you get an offer from the London office?
Did HR ring you or did you receive an email? I can’t wait to hear back!



Yes, I got an offer for the London office.

I got a call from HR followed by an email! Best of luck for your result :slight_smile:


hi everyone

Im new to posting a comment, just wanted to find out if anyone else has heard back from GS about the operations offer, im always getting nervous



Hey Jessy18

Not yet, but getting very nervous!
Have you?


@megphil @husain_188
it’s been a week now - i assume we haven’t been selected :frowning:


Yeah doesn’t look too good does it! :frowning:


Dear Stuti, hope u have received the offer :slight_smile: I would have my first round interview next Monday, would u mind share the questions they asked? Besides why GS and why operations, thank you.



Hey, everyone, anyone would love to share the questions they asked in the first round interview? many thanks



Hey Sherry

To be honest the questions do revolve around why ops and GS but give them personal reasons as to why it is the best fit for you.
there was also alot about teamwork and how you would handle a team situation as a leader or a member,
just be yourself, show that GS is the only place you want to be and if you’re being genuine they will see that. I used real life examples involving my mother etc and they really liked that!

good luck!!


Hi Sherry, How did your first round interview go? I also have my first round interview for the New Analyst program in three days… Any tips?


Hey, I am still waiting for the result,just be yourself and show ur enthusiasm, the interview is really nice, it’s just like a chatting and let them know u, good luck!


Hey, thanks for ur help! do u still remember how long did u hear from the invitation of second round? It is already a week after my first round and still no feedbacks, thanks


Okay! Thanks. One more question though. In the mail I got, I am supposed to be having two 30 minutes Competency based interview. Was it the same for you?


I just have one 30 minutes competency based