Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan Graduate Roles 2016

Goldman Sachs


Does anybody know when they will be opening their graduate programs for 2016?
Also would anyone that has experienced the process be kind enough to give me an insight as to what the process is like?
I am really worried that I don’t even stand a chance in applying to either of these banks because I don’t have any relevant internships and I haven’t graduated from a leading university like oxford/cambridge/imperial/ucl/lse.

Instead what I have is a 1st class honours degree in Mathematics from a Russell Group University and a very enthusiastic attitude to learn and work hard.


Has anybody had an interview with goldman yet, or know when they begin the interview process?


I applied mid august and haven’t heard anything back yet. I’ve tried looking everywhere online for their recruitment timescales etc i.e if it’s rolling basis or they look at applicants post deadline but there is nothing out there. Any ideas?