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Hi guys, did anyone have their First Rounds in IMD this week?




Hey, QUB, I was there last week too. I was promised an answer by end of the week, but still waiting. Did you get any reply yet?


Still waiting to hear from them, hope it’s not a bad sign… Was that Investment Management or PWM? What type of questions did you get?


I think not, if both of us are waiting, the chances are greater that they still working on the result interpretation.
Well, PWM is part of IMD. I have had two guys, one from PWM, one from GSAM. Questions were fair, not to easy, not to hard. About 5, which you would expect, like why GS, leadership, teamwork etc. Then some on understanding of economics and finance as well as some about general knowledge like currency rates, etc.
What were your questions? Did you found them hard?


Sorry for the slow reply. I actually had to postpone my first round, then there was a oversight for the rearranged time and I didn’t get called! I FINALLY have my first round this Friday, frankly I’m surprised they’re still recruiting seeing my first round was maybe 5/6 weeks ago?! How did you get on? Did you do ok in the second round?