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Goldman Sachs

Did anyone apply to the Goldman Sachs-Investment Banking division? Any reply?


Yes, rejection from Frankfurt


no reply yet from london office!!



When did u submit your application?


september end.


I submitted in july! still no reply…

London btw…


Anyone heard back for London analyst positions yet?




Applied for London IBD-FG in London: Application Under Review.


Yes, first round soon.


Financing Group in IB or just IB?


I called them yesterday, I was told that my application is being looked at by one of the IBD teams. Apparently that means I have passed te first screening stage, and now its up to a particular team to decide if they like me enough to invite me for an interview.

I’m not really holding out much hope!


They told me they’re still reviewing it and I will be contacted soon by email or phone.

For everyone else, who wants to contact them:

  1. Login to check your application status
  2. Go the Help Center
  3. Look out for the information about the application status
  4. At the bottom of this information where it says “Has this information been useful?” you click “no”
  5. You write them an email.

(I know it will tell you to go to “contact us” but there is no form to write them, it will just tell you that all necessary information is given in the Help Center, a bid tricky to contact them. I hope this helps


Got a first round interview at GS IBD on Monday the 18th. Any advice?

Take care guys!


stillstruggling, how was your interview?


All GS applicants should read that article on GS in the Rolling Stones.

Apparently there are plenty of negative comments on the WSJ online community bashing GS.

GS shares are taking a beating today, most of the US stocks are down. *damn should have shorted them!


thansk mate, interesting!


I’m having a second round interview with GS Credit division of our Finance Department in London. They speak about 3 competency based interviews on Wednesday 30th. Has anyone done it yet? what kind of questions are asked? Any advice?


Hi guys,

I’m doing the application form for GS but got stuck with 1 of the questions. In the online form, there is one question about cover letter as followed:

Cover Letter

Please provide information on the following area(s) and copy text as appropriate from your resume/CV. For more information on how to copy and paste, please refer to the Help instructions.

Cover Letter - motivations for applying
Please provide information you would typically include in your cover letter in 300 words or less. Be sure to provide examples of the qualities you would bring to Goldman Sachs and describe your motivations for applying.

My question is that do I need to copy and paste the whole cover letter in here (heading, addresses, names, main part, signature etc) or I only need to paste in the main part which is to explain about my qualities and motivations for applying? I think that 300 words are not enough to cover everything so I guess I will just go straight in answering the question.

Any one had experience of this?



Personally I just gave the main part.
I don’t think they are looking for a fully padded out letter especially as there is a word limit.

There is no need for address or such like because that is all given in the application itself. But I speak for myself, not sure what other people would have done.