Goldman Sachs Interview Process

Goldman Sachs


Does anybody know what the interview process is like at Goldman Sachs? If anybody has any experience of it, good or bad, please write about. It would be of great benefit to a lot of people.



I interviewed with Goldman recently.

The first round is usually a firm-wide interview and verbal + numerical reasoning tests.

You will be happy to hear that the tests are relatively straight forward.

The interviewer was an associate from the division I applied to; the interview style was very conservative with strictly competency based questions such as: “describe a time when you were a leader in a team situation” & finally “why should we employ you” etc….

The interviewer spent most of his time filling in a form with headings relating to the various competences in the job advertisement. After the interview, they submit this form to HR and discuss with other members of their team to come to a final decision.

hope that was useful, email me for further info