Goldman Sachs Interview- please help!

Goldman Sachs


A couple of questions re GS legal department:

  1. What does the position of a legal analyst entail?
  2. What kind of questions are they likely to ask? Do I need to know a lot of finance?
  3. What kind of questions should I ask? I.e. what do they like to be asked about?

Thanks very much in advance!


Hi Guys!

I would just like to tell you about me application experience with GS. I applied for the Legal Analyst position

My first round interview was based on my cv except the following questions:

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years time
    2)Why Goldman Sachs?

I then got a call the following day inviting me for the second round.

My second round consisted of three interviews. Again they were based on my CV except for the following:

  1. How do you keep up to date with the news
  2. Why should we pick you
    3)where do you see yourself on 10 years time
    4)Why did you go to the Uni that you did
  3. What deals are you aware of that we have done
  4. Do you know what business area you will be working in
    7)What appeals to you about GS
  5. you don’t have finance experience, how will you cope with the role?

I got a call the next day to tell me I was successful. I start July next year.

Guys I also want to say that I applied in 2008 and 2009 and got rejected outright! So if that is the story of any of you guys, dont be discouraged - just take another look at you CV and covering letter and if possible go along to career events and get a professional to look at it for you, ideally someone who works in an investment bank. It may need re-doing as mine did!

Also I did not go to Oxbridge, UCL, KCL, LSE or Imperial!


Hello! I am currently considering applying for an internship as a Legal (summer) Analyst with GS and was wondering if you could give any tips for the Cover Letter?
Also, could you tell me what the application procedure and AC were like (psychometric tests & interviews)?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: