Goldman Sachs IBD London Summer Intern

Goldman Sachs

Hey guys,

Has anyone got a reply from GS for IBD summer internship position? Those who have had the 1st round, can you please share some thoughts.



Hey Jack!
I had a first round interview last week.
I was for Securities, Sales and trades.
I am still waiting for some news, I received any back.
Don’t know if it’s normal or what.
I believe that if they liked me they would have already let me know something.
Just don’t understand why thay take so long to say “no, thanks…”.
When did u have ur interview?


Hey guys!!

The same as Alex, I had the first round last week and still waiting for news. I had interviews with 2 departments (IBD and Securities) and no news since then. I will post here when i receive any update.
Where and when did you have your interviews? (I had mine on 13th January)


Hey Guys!

Kasty23, I had it on the 13th too.


Had mine on the 14th… Invited for final rounds today(IBD)… More nervous than happy right now!
Anyone got some experience to share? How is the final round like?



Did they call u today or sent u an e-mail?
I received an e-mail one week ago to say I was invited, but didn’t receive a call yet.


Alexx88, they emailed me… Will receive another mail with the logistics this week


anyone know if they have numerical tests etc or is it only interviews?



Hi, I have a final round for IBD Summer analyst this saturday too.

Since you have been to final rounds last week, I would be sincerely grateful it you could share some of your experiences.

such as how was the interview format? are there any test? are the interviews very technical and please advice on how we can prepare for it, if possible.

I really appreciate your help! you can msg me if it’s more convenient for u.

Look forward to your reply.


Hi Alex88 - hope it all went well with you.

I’m applying for the same division this year. It’ll be great if you can share your interview experience. what questions did you get? what kind of interviews did you get in the first round and final one?

Many thanks in advance


yeah Alex88 please share your experience with us
we would be grateful

Thanks in advance.