Goldman Sachs Human Capital Managment

Goldman Sachs

I have just heard back from Goldman about their 2011 Summer Intership for Human Capital Managment and have been invited for an interview. I was wondering if this would include a numerical? And what Kind of questions would be asked?


Hi there!

I am not sure if it is the same process for the summer internship but I have just been offered the HCM full time position for 2011 (woo!) and did not do any numerical tests (thank goodness!!). The questions were very reasonable- nothing sneaky- just a lot about what the organisation does, what role HCM plays, why I am interested in this area and this company etc.

Hope this helps and good luck!


hi loubear i was just wondering did you do any summer internships with them or any other bank before thanks


no i didnt and i dont have any previous banking experience- i’m still at uni just now actually finishing up my maters in HRM.

are you going for HCM next cycle? or summer internship?


Has anyone had their first round interview for the summer internship (HCM)? If so, what kind of questions did they ask?