Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research Placement

Goldman Sachs


Hi all,

I have applied for the GS/GIR/Equity Research Placement 2 months ago and I very excited as I was put through to the first-round of interview.

My interview will be on next Friday.

I’m hoping if someone could kindly provide me some help with the interview.

So far, I understand I need to look into competency-based and some technical question. Any idea what kind of technical question will be asked?

thanks in advance!




I didn’t have any news, only an e-mail to know if I’m eligible for an internship next year.
I’m french and I don’t understand why I don’t have any news…

Good luck for you interview.


hey, which position had you applied for? they should actually let you know if you are going through the first round.

thank for your wishes!


Hi. Have you heard back anything from them?