Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research/Finance Placement/Off-cycle Internship 2013

Goldman Sachs

Hi, I applied in November and I got an email asking me to confirm that I’d do a masters afterwards. Anybody else heard back from GS? Or started interviewing for the above roles?



I’ve spoken to some people who have also applied to those programmes and we all seem to have received that email (except we’ll be on a placement year and not waiting to do a masters). No-one I have spoken to has received an interview yet (the Operations placement has started interviews though).

Good luck and tell me if you get an interview :slight_smile:



Aww okay so nothing to get excited about then lol

Did you apply first choice to Global Investment Research too?

Good luck to you too! I have no idea how competitive this placement is, but I’m not betting my life on getting an interview by a long shot lol


Yup, my first choice was GIR (specifically ER, what about you?) I definitely don’t think I will get the Finance placement because I didn’t mention it in my 300 word cover letter.

I’ve been told that the placement has about 10 places - more than I’d expect! Not sure if that includes the off-cycle one too.

What masters are you planning on doing?



And I mentioned sovereign risk, because it’s under finance, but that’s about it lol.

And I’d only do a masters if I got this placement, tbh I have no idea what I’d do it in. Probably something to do with economics, as opposed to finance (studied it for 4 years now, it gets boring) or if I could get into London Business School or do an MBA at Penn, NYU/Columbia I’d be happy lol.

It’s not something I’ve thought about much, only if I secure this would I actually go about considering a Masters. Also, I’d expect them to fund it! Lol

You got to uni in London? I take it your in your second year, so you only applying to placements, no summer internships?


Ah I see. Would they actually pay for your masters? That’d be great if they did haha.

I don’t go to a London uni but I am in my second year. I’ve only applied to spring weeks and placement years but luckily, I’ve managed to get an offer for a placement year from another bank (and I’ve accepted it). I do prefer Equity Research though, so I’m still trying for GS. The issue of reneging and whatnot will be awkward but I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it.

I hope GS replies soon.


Yeahh they would! You’d have to write a business case for it, but it’s something that can be negotiated. My friend was able to anyway.

And congrats! For research too? Or finance?

I hope so too, either way, it would be nice to be put out of our misery. Any idea how long it would take for them to get back to us?

I don’t know anybody else who has applied to the research placement year there annoyingly…


It was for sales.

I know more and more people are getting interviews for summer internships so I’m sure they’ll get back to us soon. Hopefully anyways.


hi~which divisions are getting more people for interviews? do you know the case for operations?


Has anyone heard back for the AM off cycle internship? I also recieved an email asking if I was gonna study a masters.


Has anyone heard back for the Global Investment Research placement? I had my first round interview on January 18th.


Is that for equity research? I haven’t heard back at all…


How many people did they interview on the day?


I had a final round interview, consisting of four ppl. I was interviewing for GIR, four interviews. Very nice experience. Still waiting back for an offer!


Rejection email today for economics.


I had the final round of interviews for GIR - Equity Research last week in London - still waiting to hear from them! I was told to wait for a week for the result.

Anyone has an idea as to how long do they usually take?


Hi noob,

is your the equity research work placement one year program?? I just had my first round interview last week and still waiting for result. From your experience, usually how long it takes to get the first round result?


Hi Celine,

Yes, it was indeed for the research work placement one year program. I had my first round of interview in mid Jan and waited around a week for the confirmation to second round which happened in Feb first week. Best of luck to you!




A few good article on Goldman’s recruitment process were in The Gateway a while back, it may be worth checking out, they were extremely useful for me! Think you have to sign up, but it is free: