Goldman Sachs First Round

Goldman Sachs

Does anyone know what a first round S,T& R interview with Goldman Sachs involves (besides the numerical and verbal tests)?


I would also like to know the answer to this. I have to do a phone interview as they didn’t want to pay for me coming down to London from Scotland.

I just found some info on the website.

"While there are variations in the process given the number of internship programs that we offer, there are some commonalities that can help you understand the interview experience.

What to Expect

Your first interview with us will be a 30-minute interview on campus or in our offices. It will be with up to two divisions – either the divisions to which you applied or those in which we think you might succeed.
The interview is behavioral and will focus primarily on your past experiences, accomplishments and future goals as well as your general suitability for and interest in Goldman Sachs."

Also check this,


Which division is this for david_taylor?


2009: EMEA; London; GIR; Summer Analyst

What’s yours for?

I applied for another 3 as well but I have not heard from them:

2009: EMEA; London; IMD; Summer Analyst - Application Under Review
2009: Americas; Los Angeles; IMD; Summer Analyst - Application received
2009: Americas; New York; GIR; Summer Analyst - Application received

Do you know if the interview will be for all positions?


Good luck! Thanks for the info, my interview is on Tuesday 27th Jan. Yours then as well?


I’ve got one the 28th for IBD. No idea what to expect but Good luck to you both!



was just reading the comments - those of you who have had the interview, any information you could give regarding the interview style (e.g. competency v techincal) etc would be much much appreciated!!



I had my phone interview today. I was expecting questions on past experiences, achievements and my future goals etc. But instead I was asked about the internship I was applying for (interviewed by someone in the team I was applying for).

for example,

why goldman sachs?
what do you expect to be doing in the job?
what sector of research?
what sort of ?deals/trades? have B.A. (as I said travel in previous question) been doing recently?
what deals have you been following?

she did ask what I learned from my previous jobs, and what I did at my last one as it was an internship.


I Was asked a lot about the company where I’m working at the moment. That was my commercial awareness part and they asked me a logic question - how many people in the US own cars?


I did the 1st round interview for Goldman Global Research London summer intership on telephone and got the questions:

Why banking? Research? Goldman?
What in the market interest you at the moment?
How would you value your company? (I have two so I got to choose one and I only gave a very amateur what I would look at explanation)
What role do you take in a team?
Give me an example of when you have been in a team and used your strength to change something to the better…
Then off course “do you have any questions for me?”


Anyone heard back yet?


I got an email saying thank you for interviewing and we’ll be in touch VERY shortly. Waiting to hear if I get second round. Fingers crossed!


I got a call from a girl inviting me to second round in London, they did not know when yet though, but some time in the coming weeks.


Congrats! What division did you apply for??


Global Research, anyone has any advice for the assessment centre?


Don’t try and be too muc of a leader. You hear all these crazy stats about people being written off because they don’t speak in the first 20 seconds but the most important thing is to fit into the group they put you in!. Don’t be so assertive that you’re rude if that makes sense. And make sure you have plenty of questions for the staff when they come down, because they will. Have some good questions about your chosen business area ready.


Second Round for IBD on Friday 13th, anyone else?


Hi…how did your second round go? Hope it went well!


Hello everybody !!!
Does anybody know when the application deadline for graduate program is?

THANKS in advance


Usually their deadline is in mid-November