Goldman sachs first round interview

Goldman Sachs

Hi everyone,

just got invited for the first round for credit risk management.

it says a verbal, numerical and competency-based interview…

any ideas what to expect?

thanks a lot


congrats hazelground !!!

when did u received a reply from them??and what university u from??


Congratz Hazelground

Last year, I attended their final round interviews but didn’t get the job offer. In the first round, you will be asked to complete the numerical and verbal tests.

When I attended the first round last year, they made me do shl tests. Verbal test was similar to online one. Numerical was much eaiser bt we were not allowed to use the calculator.

Interview is not always the competency based. Towards the end of the interview, they normally ask technical questions. But if u r reading FT or WSJ regularly for past couple of months, u will be fine. One or two questions will be on ur division and how much u know abt the division u applied to.

And 2 associates took my interview.

Best of Luck.

Btw when did u apply?


Thanks guys for your inputs!

well, just to answer your questions
I dont come from a target uni, and i handed in my application on 18 october in the last minute…
i was surprised to see the invitation just several days afterwards…

currently I feel a bit confused after i got their confirmation email of my interview. It says
"Please ensure that you arrive promptly for your interview.

The day will consist of a problem solving exercise as well as a competency based interview. "

Can I infer from this that the problem-solving exercise means verbal and numerical tests?
Or do you suggest I contact them and ask for clarification?

Also, it seems that they are now interviewing in the first round itself, johnny_bravo_ibd said he had interviews in the last round only…
I am getting more and more confused :))

btw, johnny_bravo_ibd, what feedback did you get from them when they rejected you?
And did you apply for the same this year too?

best of luck to everyone!


Hi Hazelground,

Sorry if I confused you. Last year, I gave the first round interview and cleared it. Then, I went for the final round interviews.

I applied for the London Office and got the similar email bt my problem solving exercise was numerical and verbal tests. Though, I think you should email them and confirm about the problem solving exercise.

If your problem solving exercise consists of verbal and numerical test, then the verbal test will be similar to online one. Numerical will much eaiser bt you won’t be allowed to use the calculator.

Yes I applied to the same division again for this year. So lets see.

All the best Hazelground

Sorry if my last post confused you.


hello ppl…

i appled almost a month ago for 2010 IT ,but havnt recvd anythng yet… :frowning:

m from queen mary university of london…but i heard that they only consider applications if u r from top uni s like imperial,kings,lse,ucl etc …

is it true??


HI Sumit09

No worries , i applied IT too, still no reply yet.



does that mean that you had competency-based interviews in both rounds?

how technical can the interview get and what questions can I ask?
This interview thing has happened at such a short notice that I have no idea how to prepare in order to save time.

any help regarding the nature of the interview questions would be much appreciated.
I will of course reciprocate after my interview :slight_smile:

good luck!


@ Hassan Zaman

Wow, sounds like a lot to do in just a few days…but i will do my best, so let’s see how it goes.

which division did you apply to?


@sumit and edison.

I applied to I.T aswell… still no respone.

This probably means they have sent out invites for test or interviews for these divsion! which is worrying!

But no news is gd news fingers x


of course…will share my experience in several days :))

the only thing i am worried about is that due to uni work I have not been able to browse through the FT regularly :((
and hope i wont get too many technical questions.
I applied for Credit risk management and advisory, should I expect most technical Qs from this area or in general?

well, regardless the interview outcome, it will be an unforgettable experience, i am sure :))

and just to keep the site updated, just got rejected by JPM for IB risk…LOL…so hilarious. I applied for the same thing
to both…



Good luck for your interview. Have u attend the first round interview with JPM,i want to know how is the numerical test looks like.


no, i did not, my app for JPM was rejected in the first stage itself.

But I am quite sure that the numerical test is the same like the online one if you got one. Should be SHL.

good luck!


@hazelground, hi

very funny. I experience the same thing. Just got rejected from JPM and was invited by GS for the same position: Operations - New Analyst.

I m very excited about the interview … but several days to prepare all these it kinda be tough …

good luck to all



hazelground, congratulations on getting an invite to the first round! Just like you and hassan zaman, I also submitted my application on the deadline day but unfortunately have yet to hear anything back. My application is apparently “Under Review”. Should I have a bit more faith and take this to be a positive thing or is it more likely that it’s been rejected?!



don’t worry much, because if you think of it, it’s just several days after submission.
In fact, this is shocking for us who got interviews so soon…

which division did you apply to?

have you interviewed with the goldmans before?



congratulations on your invitation to 1st round! Well-done!

it’s such a panic, and absolutely no time to prepare.
any good strategies?

good luck!


any idea what’s the benchmark for the verbal tests at GS?



Hazelground…there is lots of material to help you prepare on this website, sample questions etc…the key thing at Goldmans is fit i.e. do you fit in. So prepare your answers for ‘Why Goldmans?’, ‘Why Credit Risk?’ ‘Why did you choose your degree?’ etc. The other main thing they look for is the ability to integrate and work in a team so make sure you have examples of successful team working and leading a team if possible

Best of luck and let us know how it went!


thank you sjk72 for sharing all these !!!
Hazelground, I have visa constraint to go to london tomorrow… should prepare for a phone interview … no strategies. just do the homework. follow the interview tips on gs’ website. i applied for operation and it is what i want ! (just worried about verbal test quite tricky for a no native speaker…) good luck !