Goldman Sachs first round interview

Goldman Sachs

I am going to have a first round interview with GS in Jan but in the mean time I am kind of crazy with the revision for the exam also in Jan. Should I reject this invitation to the interview? or else how should i prepare for it cause I haven’t been updated with the financial news and all other stuff.


congrats on your interview leejin! just out of curiosity, where did you apply for and how long did it take them to get back to you? good luck!


I would go for an interview, just for experience, but there are not so many things happening now, auto car makers bailout plan, recession, stock market slump, plunging oil prices. Depending on your position, concentrate on particular topic (just know causes, details). And go ahead! Good luck!


Yeah go to the interview it would be a wasted opportunity otherwise, just do a bit of reading newspapers etc, they wont expect you to know everything!


you’ll need a lot of preparation to pass… so either go without preparing for the experience and concentrate on your exam, or prepare hard and leave the exam for another time if you need an A…


Thanks guys for replying!

@mrlordbyron: i sent out my application in 4th Nov, and they just replied last week!


wut a bad question. you should just reject it since you will fail anyway


what position is this for? also is it EMEA region?


Hi, I have also been called for a 1st round interview with GS…was wondering whether anyone else had?..and whether anyone could offer any tips/advice and hints on what questions were asked during the interview stage


I have a first round interview coming up too. This Wednesday; IB in London. What area/department did you apply for? I would definitely go for this interview. It’s a really great opportunity!


Second Round IBD Friday 13th, any tips?


anyone had a GS ac yet?