Goldman sachs FINAL round

Goldman Sachs

Hi everyone

to my fortune or misfortune, seems I’ve been selected for the final round with goldman sachs.

I should not panic, but cant help it :)…I know it’s nearly impossible to impress 6 people from the “brightest and the smartest” in the industry :))
as I have been informed that I will have 3 interviews with 2 people interviewing me in each session.

I would be very grateful if someone can shed light on the extent of technical questions I am likely to be faced with…

and yes, I applied for credit risk management and advisory.

many thanks and good luck to those still waiting to hear from GS!


Boom Boom Hazel; thats great news. Just wanted to say well done and keep it up. Make it through all the way.



wow!!! congrats Hazel!!! Goodluck with it!

When is the final round?


Congrats Hazel ! Mine is still under review :frowning:

Good luck!


Congrats Hazel!! Good luck with your final round!
Mine is still under review too:((((


hey hazelground congrats!

I am still waiting to hear back from them after my first round!! It’s been 4 days and they said it was only going to take a couple!

How many days did it take for them to tell you that you’ve passed to the next round??


2 weeks.


hey guys
for all interested in this, I had 3 two-on-one interviews with different people from the department i applied for.

contrary to my expectations, about 75% of all the questions I got were technical. I got very few competency-based ones…
there were two other candidates with me for the same division, and they told me that they had at least 1-2 interviews out of 3 which were
entirely competency-based. So it can differ from candidate to candidate.

best of luck!


did not even hear from them at all !!! I guess you must be from Oxbridge or Warwick :wink:


I disagree; Hazel sounds more like an LSE student…

Hazel, any heads-up as to the type of technical questions posed?


hey guys, i am from a very ‘normal’ uni, so dont worry about it, sometimes they pick up candidates randomly :))
jokes aside, if they feel that you are good, they will give you a chance.

cannot tell you much about the technical side because it will be specific to the department you applied for.
but make sure you read the FT regularly and can discuss and comment on issues of importance.
it’s not enough to just say “i read this and this.”

i would say from my experience that GS seems to conduct final rounds aggressively at the moment but I dont want to discourage anyone especially those who hope to get in. Ironically, after the final round I actually wanted to find the quickest way to “get out”…
guys, i can assure you that their corporate culture is not for everyone out there, in fact, it’s tough for me to understand why the GS fever among aspiring candidates in the first place…having said that, yes, the people working there came across as highly knowledgeable in their field.



Hazel, how about a heads-up on the IBD technical questions then for those of us still hoping to be given the chance :)))



I had the chance to have the second round last Saturday as well for the IBD and my questions were very similar to Hazel’s. Anyway they did not get back to me so far and I’m a bit worried now. Have you had any feedback Hazel? How long does it usually take between the second round and their reply?



My understanding with final rounds is that they let you know within a week (usually). I had my final round some time ago now and I still havent heard back. Not entirely sure whats going on there, but at the same time I am not sure whether to email/call them about it.


Thank you for your email Al154. To my understanding some candidates are done after the second round if a good consensus has emerged among the interviewers, while the other candidates may have further interviews or be rejected of course. I think that the first ones hear back the day or the next day of the interview and for the many others, it may take some time.


hi all,

got rejected today after i wrote to them and asked.
i hate being made to wait for 2 weeks just to get rejected.

not too upset, was not keen on credit risk anyway, so these things happen for the good :slight_smile:

good luck to everyone involved!


hey guys

i got rejected from technology! in the application stage you think its worth emailing them asking for feeedback?

thanks guys


hahahaha…that’a a great question…it has happened to me twice now…so i guess not a good idea :slight_smile:



i mite just email them! since i have extenuating circumtsances! and the fact that it took 2months 2 reject me and the email made it out like i could possibly be a candidate LOL.

have you heard from any other places/banks?




Sorry mate for the rejection. No one wants to see that after waiting for so long. Did they phone? Email? I still havent heard back yet. I usually take no news to be good news but I think after a final round interview, the longer the wait the worse the news. ha. Oh well.

Good luck with the rest of it all. You have anything else lined up?