Goldman Sachs Final Round Operations Internship London

Goldman Sachs

Hi all,

I had my 2nd round on the 19th of Jan and still haven’t heard bk from them either. Has anyone else who attended on the 19th heard from them?

thanks n good luck


can any one tell how was final interview like? if possible please tell specific questions. thanks.


when is your final interview? i think it really depends on the style of your interviewers as my friend who attended the earlier slot got asked about the current market etc, but I didnt really get such questions.

I suppose teamworking skill is something they really look for, and also how u cope with pressure i.e. time pressure, difficult people etc… why ops, why gs the typical questions. generally i think all the interviewers are really nice!


its next week, so what department did u apply to? grad or intern?

so you got asked no techincal questions? how many final round interviews u had?


hey cheese

congrats with ur offers!! i had my 1st round interview like 2 weeks ago, but havent heard back anything yet, just wondering when did u hear back urs? do they normally reply u very slow??
Thank you very much!!



any tips on how best to prepare for second round, or do u remember any questions?