Goldman Sachs Final Round Operations Internship London

Goldman Sachs

Has anyone who attended the final round heard back yet?

Does anyone know how long GS usually take after the final round?


I didnt as well, mine was 19th…did u get any feedback yet?


I was on the 19th as well. Still haven’t heard from them. Will post as soon as I do.


19th of Jan or Dec?




my friend told me if u were really good they’ll inform u in 48hs…but she received an offer after 1 month of her final round…:frowning: dunno what’s wrong…I’ll call them on Mon anyway…better chase up


1 month! for internship or grad?




they told me it will be sometime towards the end of next week.


thanks for the info. Fingers crossed!


Anyone heard as yet?? I really need to know either way by end of this week as I have to reply to another offer. YOu reckon i should call and ask?


yeh they called me at the end of last week and said theyd get back to everyone within 2 weeks. i could potentially get another one this week also so wana know. call them i guess.


Where have you guys got/potentially got offers from? (If you don’t mind me asking)


i have one from ubs ops…few accountancy firms but waiting for a final round with rothschild ibd.

yeah i think i might give Minita a ring


yeh same, another ib. could you let me know if you’re able to make any progress? cheers


anyone called and heard anything?


nope…anyone got offer? I’ll call themif I havent heard from them this Fri…it’s really slow…


got an offer, called them up and told them i had an exploding offer. anyone else heard?


congratulations gymboy123!! havent called them for feedback…sign…


yeh i got an offer also but had to decline as id had one early from another ib for a finance position. good luck all