Goldman Sachs final round interview next week

Goldman Sachs

Hi guys,

I am going to GS’s final round interviews in next week, I am applying for a role within Securities (Sales) do anyone know how technical its going to be? What should I practice? Is Vault guide the best or do you recommend something else? What kind of questions should i prepare?



Hi Calle,
Firstly, congratulations for passing the 1st round. I got invitation this week for Services (Finance) 1st round interview next week. Could you tell me a little bit about your 1st round experience, please? Is 1st round technical or not? and in each of your interview, how many interviewers are there? and is there any brainteaser questions?

Many thanks. Good luck to your final round interview!



Hi and thanks, I did telephone interviews so I don’t know how many interviewer they use to have. It wasn’t that technical more about the market in general and then I was about to pitch a stock. Otherwise it was mainly about me and my experiences. No brainteasers. Good luck!


Hi Jacky1129. Did you apply directly for the Services (Finance) programme; or were you recommended to GS by SEO-London?


Hi Calle,

Could you please tell us how was the interview and what they asked?


Hi Aj,
I applied directly for the Services, but they allocated me to finance, although i put down corporate real estate as 1st choice on my application…


Hi Calle!

I am going to have my second round next week for ´SEC…could you share your experiance about your interview…especially what they asked (a lil bit in detail maybe), how long it took, how many interview partners,…
That would be really awesome…hope you have 5 min to do that!



Hi Everyone,

Did any one hear back from the first round interviews last thursday (11th of Februrary) for SERVICES REAL ESTATE??


Not the same day as you, but same department, still no news so far…


Hi jacky, did you have your interview on 12th feb for finance? I had it on that day. What time was urs? any news so far?


Calle do share your second round interview experiences please?


Hello Jacky 1129,

I know it might be bit weird to ask you for help now… but about your interview with GS last year, I really hope it all went well !
I am having my first finance-controllers first interview coming up in 2 days. Do you mind sharing ur 1st round experiences please?

what did they ask, if you can remember? is it purely competency-based, or technical as well? and if u can provide any infor on final round as well that will really be great!
Any thing at all will be much appreciated!!

Best of luck!


hey keira, did they get back to u?? have u been invited for the final round interviews?


Hi Keira

Please can you share your experience with the interview?

Many thanks