Goldman Sachs EMEA New Analyst Tech 2012

Goldman Sachs

Has anybody heard from GS? I submitted my application on 30 Sep, I know GS only starts to look applications after their deadlines (which was 23 Oct 2011 for my application), now the status is still “Received”. looks like a bad sign for me


Hey there,
I submitted my application in early October and have not been invited to any online tests yet. Is it the same case for you?


Hey, yeah besides my application status is still ‘received’, have phoned the hr, said they will come back to you in the next few weeks, regardless what your application result would be. Looks like they have got too many applications this year atm. Did you apply for the Tech division as well?


No I applied to Finance but I suppose they are the same in term of the recruiting procedure.
Where else did you applied to? Any news yet?


No I only applied to tech. Anyway any update regarding your application would be greatly appreciated. I just realised there was very few update on goldman sachs threads recently.


Has any one heard back from Goldman Sachs for the 2011/2012 Technology Analyst Programme?


They have filled their vacancies for this year unfortunately :frowning: