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I’m currently in the process of applying for a place on Goldman Sachs summer internship. I am about to write the section where they ask for me to write a cover letter. They have an empty text box which says 300 words below it to type into. Here are the instructions:

"Please provide information on the following area(s) and copy text as appropriate from your resume / CV. For more information on how to copy and paste, please refer to the Help instructions.
Cover Letter - motivations for applying

Please provide information you would typically include in your cover letter in 300 words or less. Be sure to provide examples of the qualities you would bring to Goldman Sachs and describe your motivations for applying. If you are applying to more than one division, please discuss your motivations for applying to each."

I may be worrying too much about this, but should I fill this section in like an actual cover letter, with my name and address and layout similar to a letter? This section is part of an application where i’ve also provided all my personal information and addresses.

Also, whilst i’m posting I may as well ask, are there any tips on what to include in this section? I was planning on writing why I chose Goldman Sachs, why I chose the division i’m applying to and what qualities I can bring to Goldman Sachs. is this covering everything?

Thank you very much for reading all of this, hope to hear back soon.


no, no need to make it like a letter. just a short statement, like the UCAS form for uni.


hey guys,

how long did it take them to get back to you after you had submitted your application???
(for 2012 grad scheme)!



They only get back to people after the deadline has passed, irrespective of the time you applied. The deadline passed on sunday so i guess we should start hearing something late this week or early next. which divisions have you applied to?


Any news from GS - graduate scheme? The deadline passed now:)


No news yet. From what I gather, they take between 1 and 2 weeks to get back to applicants. It also depends on the division, although I assume that if you get selected for interview then you will hear sooner rather than later


Anyone heard anything yet?

Either for:
2012 | EMEA | London| IBD | Full-Time Analyst


2012 | EMEA | London | SEC | Full-Time Analyst


anyone heard back from GS yet?Is it going to be a bad news for me (according to matt89) as I haven’t heard from them yet?


Still havent heard anything. The 2 week thing is only what I have heard through reading other forums like this, but there have been delays in the past. Basically, don’t think anyone really has a clue how they operate- just a question of playing the waiting game. Good luck!