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A few quick questions - for someone currently completing a Masters course in a top 5 Uni (on the Times league tables 2010) and a 2:1 in First Degree, what role in Goldman Sachs is the best entry option available for Investment Banking? New Analyst or Summer Analyst (internship)? Any idea when the Internships start? Does the same rule (either New Analyst or Internship route) apply to other Investment banks?


Depends on what are you studying and what interests you? It is a good idea to apply for an internship with GS before applying for a full time role (new analyst). However, as you are from a top 5 uni, they may make exception. If you interned for other banks or advisory houses or have relevant work experience/s in the past; you can apply for the new analyst role as well. In terms of choosing a division; you need to do some reserach and determine the divison that interests you as well as compliments your competencies the most. Hopefully this is helpful.


Yeah, I was unclear if it made more sense to apply for an internship first or to go for the new analyst role. When do the internships take place?


what do you do after the internship though for one year?

Will you get an offer as an analyst in the same year if you impress? I am in the same boat too


Internships - June to July/August


Mid June to end of August.

If you are graduating this year, I would advise you to apply for a new analyst position.

Good luck with your application :slight_smile:


Hi Yaz,

Why the new analyst role and not the internship role? Any specific reason? (Thanks!)


If I do not get to he next stage with a graduate application, am I able to apply for an internship position?



From what I know, it depends on the company’s application policy. Some companies do not allow more than one application per intake year and some allow up to three. Find out from HR or via the website.