Goldman Sachs - anyone heard back

Goldman Sachs

I applied to IBD in GS about three weeks ago, but have not heard anything back since. It just says they will get in touch should the appropriatejob come up.

Has anyone heard from them? Does anyone know their timetable for applications/interviews?


Goldman Sachs waited for the deadline (last Friday) to review the applications like every year.
They’re not recruiting on a rolling basis like CS or Barcap.


same here. I applied to GS AM more than a month back but havent heard from them since.


GS contacts only after the deadline has passed! Never before that!


@IBD: I applied to technology area, stil havent heard ne thing!

Where did you apply to? Do you know when the deadline ends?


I didnt apply to Tech. The deadline is 18 October 2009 for all divisions. Since the deadline has now passed, you guys can except to hear back very soon! the first round interviews will be held this month or next months.

@CK - I am not about the exact recruitment process for Technology, but for front office roles, its is usually numerical tests at the GS office. and then if you pass, then first round interview the following day! and then ofcourse AC…etc…etc…


anyone know any contact email address for Goldman Sachs London recruitment?? need it ASAP!


PM’d you


thanks a lot mate!!


Hi Jungle Boogie,

You cudnt PM me the contact for london aswell i would be grateful.






I applied to two positions at the same time. Apparently, one of them is UNDER REVIEW and the second one is APPLICATION RECEIVED.


@ Jungle Boogie
Thought id let you guys know:

I sent GS an emal, and they responsed realy fast, within 2 hrs.

They said thanks for application, we are reviewing Cvs and will get back to you ina couple of weeks.

I just hope its with an online test or interview :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update!


me too


Hi Jungle Boogie,

You cudnt PM me the contact for london aswell i would be grateful.




Could you pm me the contact details for london as well please?



Hi, Could anyone of you pm me the contact details for London?

Many thanks!



has ne one heard from goldman sahcs recruitment team? I applied to technology no reply yet! Good news or bad?

@ nexus: do you stil need contact for GS i only seen ur msg!



@ck how long ago did you apply?