Goldman Sachs - Anybody who finished first round interview last week got results?

Goldman Sachs

I just took the first round interview for summer intern in operations last Tuesday, but didn’t receive any feedback afterwards. I am wondering if anybody got the result? Desperate to know whether I’ve been kicked out.


What questions were you asked at the interview? Just competency, correct?


Hi WN,

Yes, it’s all competency.


easiest would be to call hr



who is aloud to apply to off spincycle? is dat any graduate or would you have to be in you acedemic studies?


Hi:) Is there any questions about business awareness? Or just verbal test+numerical test+competency questions?


has anyone who attended the IBD first-round at GS last week received responses yet?


did it last friday…nothing yet…


No news is good news!
I attended the GS first round last Friday and really wanted to cry when doing the verbal test…T_T I’m sure I have no hope any more… Hope you guys good luck!:)))


They said 1-2 weeks till they get back to us. So i would assume they will inform us how we did early next week.


I had mine two weeks ago, and still no reply…has anyone received replies?


What offer is out?


What’s the meaning “offer is out”??


they have given out offers already


I dont think any final rounds is out yet for IBD…


i received an email saying me have been selected to interview, but it’s been two weeks and haven’t heard of anything more even since… anyone having similar situations? I applied to summer intern for tech.


Really? How do you know all offers are out? They still haven’t finished their first round interview as far as I know and today they said they will give reply within next week. My interview was on last Friday.


I got an email today inviting me to a final round interview. My first round was 2 weeks ago today. Anyone else heard who applied for the operations summer internship?


I’ve got a first round on wednesday (OPS), so perhaps they’re interviewing a batch, and then proceed to make decisions?


I’ve got no news today, so i think i’m out.