Goldman Sachs 2014 Operations

Goldman Sachs


Has anyone received an interview invitation for the 2014 Operations Graduate Programme? I have not heard back since I have submitted my application.



I applied for the 2014 Technology Graduate few weeks back too, no replies yet…


I dont think they review application on a rolling basis. They wait till the deadline to get back to you.


Thanks! Anyone knows when about will they reply from your past experience maybe?


This operations role is for which region?


I applied to Ops in London and Hong Kong


Anyone had any news yet? I just got a rejection from JPM for operations


I think they have started sending out first round interview now, I Just booked mine.


Does anyone know if GS have rotation in their Ops Grad Scheme?



anyone knows what the interview will be like? how long? what questions we should expect?


Any from Singapore has any news regarding their first round interview for operations?


I just received an interview invitation for operations on 3rd Feb, anyone could share the interview experience pls? Thanks a lot.



How was your interview? What was it like & What kind of questions do they ask?