GMPTE assessment day HELP!!


Hi, I have a assessment day with GMPTE coming up, and I cant find no information to help me out on it anywhere, and this is my first time so im realy nervous : (

if anyone could give me any information on GMPTE’s assessment day/ interview it would be much appreciated!!



What type of job is this for?

Will it be a Graduate job? And what position is it for?

GMPTE have a lot of different areas within their organisation so it would be good to narrow down on one of them.



its a trainee accountant (graduate) programme…job role - To develop and apply knowledge, skills and experience in accordance with the graduate development programme and in all aspects of financial accounting, management accounting, financial reporting and auditing to assist the Finance and Audit and Assurance teams.

I have been told there will be a presentation ( topic told on the day - so i’m even more nervous because I dont know how to prepare for it, and what if I dont know the topic), interview, written exercise and group exercise (no idea what type)

thats everything I’ve been told…

Hope you can help



The presentation can be either to do with your area of work or even just a general topic (something random like Football or T.V to show what you can come up with on the spot).

Interview could be more about yourself and what you can bring to the job and group exercises will try and show your team work and logical skills.

When did you get contacted and when is the asssessment centre, just to know how long you have to prepare?


I got contacted week before last, and its on wednesday… i’m really not good at coming up with things on the spot : (


How did you get on?

Was it just your type of graduate scheme they were considering today or were there other people applying for other roles?


hey it was mainly people from the same role, and i’l let you know when I get an answer lol!