Global Markets Hong Kong Office


hihi…anyone applying for Global Markets in Hong Kong Office? heard anything from the banks yet?


Applied to this location for a few banks, nothing so far (i.e. no rejection emails received)


same here…onli got rbs fone in so far…what did u apply? i applied for Sales role


trading… hopefully we ll be able to see each other from our desks :slight_smile:


yesyes…hope so…i got fone in from barcap last week…so nervous…u heard anything back yet? btw…u got any experiences in trading?


hi ck111, i will have a phone interview with barcap next week and i applied for structuring in hk…do u mind telling me what they ask u in the interview and any tricky questions?
Really appreciate your help.


hi elise4499, they onli ask competency questions, they put all the questions in another thread - barcap asia finance, pls read them. it’s mainly why barcap, why this division, and will go through ur resume, ask specific Qs regarding to your resume…so be prepared…no technical Q becoz it is done by HR.
are you student or working already? hope we will be colleague next year :slight_smile: