Giving a presentation about a company at Assessment Centre?


Hi everyone,
I’m currently in the process of applying for graduate trainee role with (mid-tier) accountancy firms looking to work and study towards ACA qualification. I’m from a completely different field, a science graduate.Through my research into different firms’ interviews and assessment centres, it seems that it is vital to be able to talk about different companies in an interview or AC (commercial awareness questions). I have been reading the financial times, the economist, wall street journal etc. My problem is that I am not entirely sure of what information do the partners (or any other interviewers) want the interviewees to concentrate on. Do they expect an in-depth assessment of a companies financial situation or what exactly?
I’d really appreciate it if some could give me any (general) tips.
Thank you


It sounds as if you are doing everything right so far - the research is spot on. In terms of what the interviewers will want to ask you about, that is difficult to predict. It depends on the interviewer themselves, the firm, the recruitment strategy and structure, and many other variables. There is some more information about commercial awareness questions here

Don’t stress too much about the exact things they will be asking you - you will never know. Keep doing what you are doing - picking up on news stories, tracking industries, even try following industry or CEO’s on Twitter or other social media as there is a slim chance that they Tweet something relevant on the day of your interview and you can drop it into an answer somewhere!

Best of luck with the application process…


thanks for your help, really appreciate it