Gist Logistics Assessment Centre


Has any been at an assessment centre with Gist Logistics, for their Operations Management scheme? How was it? What kind of questions did they ask?


Did you have your interview? How did it go?





Hi guys, please how did the assessment centre go? I am going for one soon. Any tips? Thanks.


I have a telephone interview with GIST next week. Does anyone know what type of questions are asked?


They are competency-based questions, have you had your interview yet?


I attended the undergraduate Assessment centre for Gist on Tuesday, so I would presume it’s a similar process.
I actually really enjoyed it. It was quite a informal set up, in that everyone was really friendly, there were lots of breaks and discussion time.

Arrived and had coffee and biscuits whilest all us candidates chatted.
Had a 45 min presentation on Gist.
Then went for my interview which was with 2 heads of my department.
Then had a hour dour round the depot.
Then had lunch where we networked. (Lunch is very good btw)
Then gave a presentation.
Had a break with cake.
Then went for the group activities.
Then had a presentation given by a graduate.
Then went home.

There were managers around all day to talk to, and it wasnt intimdating.
Was a gooid experience.

Good luck .


Ive been invited to the GIst graduate assessment day in a few weeks time.
Sounds like you really enjoyed your day, were you successful in your undergraduate process Laura??

Just out of interest what were the details of the group activities? If it was a debate or as a team you had to reach a conclusion, what was the topic? Also what did you have to do for the presentation?

Any help at all would be brilliant.
Much appriciated x


I was successful, although I actually turned it down, as Ive been offered somewhere else.

Group activity was quite random actually. We were given a sheet telling us that we were researchers conducting research into behaviour in confind spaces, where by we’d sent 6 volunteers down into a cave for 2 weeks. However the cave had colapsed and had flooded. We were setting up a rescue, however only one person could be rescued every hour meaning not everyone might survive.

We were then given some information about the volunteers and we had to then rank them in order of rescue. That was individual.

We then had 30 mins to come to a group decision on the order of rescue.

I was emailed 3 questions i had to answer in my presentation. So had a week to create it. Everyone had different questions.



Brilliant, thanks for the help.

That group activity dicussing the rescue must be a popluar one as my friend had an assessment centre a few weeks ago with the exact same exercise x


Hello All,

I’ve been invited to assessment centre for GIST. Do you know how many interviews there are, and are they competency based questions again?



Hello All,

I’ve been invited to assessment centre for GIST. Do you know how many interviews there are, and are they competency based questions again?



It’s just one interview, although with 2 managers.
Yes, just competency questions, although it turns more into a chat, so if you say something they’ll comment on it.
For example, I said how I did a research paper into whether it is ethical to experiment on embryo’s, to which we ended up having a discussion on the ethics of it!!


hi, i’m off for an assessment center this week, but i don’t know the nitty gritty of what to expect, i would reaaaaaaally love to get the job, someone help. thank you


Hi guys, i’ve got a “Depot Day” at Gist for the Operations Management Graduate scheme next week. I’ve had my telephone interview so im pretty sure this is the assessment centre, but i’ve only been told that there is going to be a site tour, two presentations by gist and an interview. So not any group work or presentations to do as stated in the website? Does anybody know if this is correct and it is the final stage?

Anyone got any tips for the interview? How long it lasts? What they look for etc?



Hi guys! I’ve just been invited to a depot day, and like you my email makes no mention of me having to give a presentation. See below;

"The day will start at 08.30 please arrange to arrive in good time, it does take a few minutes to get through the security office and over to the reception. We anticipate that the day will end at about 13.30.

During the day there will be a depot tour, 2 presentations (one about Gist and the other from an ex-graduate) and one interview".

Is this right, I thought this was the final stage, is there another part?

Any advice would be great!!!


Hi there, my invitation made no mention of me doing a presentation either, bit worried!!! How did your assessment day go? Any advice you could give would be much appreciated!!! Thanks!


hi, can you please remember what the competencies based questions where about… ??



Hi vikbunny, I have a phone interview coming up. I would like to please ask what the competency based phone interview questions where about?

Thanks alot, ur response will do much good…



Hi, they asked for examples which were pretty much in line with the competencies they list on their website so if you prepare examples of those you will be fine. That is what I did. Here they are;

Strategy delivery
Performance through people
Partnership building
Customer intimacy
Information sharing
Visible leadership
Growth drive
Capability development
Change leadership

Hope this helps!!!