GFI Group Interdealer Broking EMEA Graduate Programme 2011


Anybody else applied? Thought it would be a good idea for ppl just to provide update concerning their application.



and ppl please dont PM asking when and what stage I am at, as I will post all my info on this page, plus its good to share!


hey Investment_Don … I applied, so far I have only received an acknowledgement of my application … and if I am to hear anything further it would be by the end of May.

I hope to post more if there is anything new


@art vanelay, same for me, lets hope we hear sooner than that coz I would hopefully have a job by then!


I heard interviews dont start until June, also there are 300 aplications for 10 spaces.


If what bol says is true, that not so bad. But can I ask where you got your info from?


Really interviews dont start till early June?? Wow where did you hear this info?


I heard from a broker who works there, although he said he “thinks” interviews start in June so I guess he could be wrong but it sounds about right to me. 30 apps for each place isn’t as bad as some graduate schemes especially when that number will probably be cut down a lot before interviews…


Also the email they sent said they’ll let us know end of may which would suggest June interviews.


could someone proovide me the link for this please. Would be mucha ppreciated.


guys please can someone link me for this role. I can’t find it on the GFI website.


I think applications have closed.


thanks for the info bol… do you have any idea when they did close?


A week or two ago


It ended on March 31st, 2011


I applied and have been offered an interview on 26 may. Has anyone got any idea what to expect? Does anyone know roughly how many people they’re going to be interviewing?