Getting the right length and style for CV's/covering!


Hi all!

I’m having a bit of trouble in knowing exactly how to style my CV/covering letters for grad jobs to consultancy firms. I’ve applied to Bain, Mck, and BCG so far but don’t want to apply to any more without knowing I am getting my applicatyion style right.

Most of my CV’s are skills based as I have plenty of examples of times when I’ve shown leadership/project management/team work etc, is this what I should be doing? Also, what is the right length? Is it worth reducing to one page? I’ve read plenty of articles about this but they give conflicting information!

Also how do you guys go about choosing how to write your covering letters?

p.s. anyone heard from Bain yet???



I see nobody has replied to your post, but truth is that a skills-based CV is looked at with some degree of suspicion by some

If I were you, I would go for the functional one ( i guess that’s how it is called) to show that you’ve been active all along…
try to insert your achievements too there itself, i know it sounds tough

unless you have relevant stuff for 2 pages, i would suggest, go for 1 page if you apply for graduate schemes.

about cover letters- well, that’s a matter of style - i usually pick up the required competencies and try to justify that i have them …
and it does work for me at times…LOL >>>>

good luck!


Cheers for your reply Hazelground!

From what I gather my CV is pretty much a functional one, just with dates added too to show I’ve been active all along.

I called a small consultancy firm up yesterday and asked them if they would prefer me submitting a one or two page CV and they said they would prefer a one page simply because most candidates have lots of impressive things to put on their CV - so you need to pick out the most impressive/relevant stuff and try and fit it to one page. Does this sound like the sort of thing larger consultancies would want too?


I was having the same problem as most of the applications I’d done were an online form so no cover letter. I found the example CV and Cover Letter on this website really useful. You have to register but it’s worth it!

I think the CV one might have been updated a bit from what’s on the website - I saw my careers officer at LSE using a newer version in the hard copy of the newspaper a couple of weeks ago when helping another student draft a CV. I saw the cover headline of the paper was “too big to fail” but I think by then it was too late for me to get a hard copy of my own.