Getting some experience before applying for Graduate Roles


Hello everyone,
Quick information about me - current final year law student at university, on par for a 2.1 and looking into a career in finance/investment banking in London.
Unfortunately, seeing as I have only developed an interest in this area recently, I have missed most deadlines for internships at most investment banks/financial companies (and as a law student, you are always told that you need work experience before looking into graduate/training schemes etc). I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they’ve applied to some banks/companies (of good calibre) for graduate roles without undergoing any internships. If so, how did you find the experience? Did you get the job? And did you find yourself lacking in financial knowledge compared to other graduates that were in the same situation as you?
Thanks a lot.


Hi there,

Not having an internship definitely doesn’t mean its impossible to get a role in a good calibre bank/ company. I managed to get quite a few offers from graduate schemes myself without an internship.
Internships are considered an easier route because they bolster your CV for the grad schemes and also occasionally you get offered a job directly from the internship (although this is more common in professional services firms vs. banks).

Get yourself some shadowing work/ other work experience that isn’t necessarily an official internship. Contact senior people in your network or on linked in and ask them to go for a coffee. You would be surprised how many people are happy to mentor you/ have you shadow them and truthfully this is relevant work experience you can put on your CV.

In terms of financial knowledge - an internship is just a very short snapshot of what you will be doing in the actual role. Probably in the first week or so. I wouldn’t say this adds a lot of knowledge - possibly just some familiarity and confidence, but you can manage without most definitely!

Good luck! Hope this helps.