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Firstly I’d like to commend you on the work of this site and the competent advice at hand, i throughly enjoy reading it and it tends to be of sound advice. its greatly appreciated!

But now onto my queries, I’ll state it in two parts.

  1. I’ve graduated with a low 2.1 from a UoL with a good rep for it’s Law department - lets say top 10. The issue is, a) My 2.1 is mediocre a 62-64% overall b) I didnt study A levels but a Btec HND in Software Dev & ICT, although I achieved triple distinction DDD*. Im scared that this might be actually holding me back, I’ve been rejected on VAC schemes but thats partly due to my poor grades in my second year and my late applications + application technique. But now that I am filling in training contract applications Im not sure how to address my HND - is my HND a issue? am I blowing it out of proportion? its worth 360+ UCAS points. Another point, when I am stating my HND grades do i state the overall grades i.e DDD*, or should I stated all 18 subjects that I took? - as its a tedious task and i am not sure if it’ll be making any difference to my application, any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I planned on embarking on my LPC this coming september, but if i do undertake it and select electives that a law firm doesnt like will i be putting my career into jeopardy? example, I take debt finance and apply to BLP and they look at my electives and dont find any of them relative, would they not offer me the training contract based on my elective choices? … so its to say, would i be best suited not to do the LPC and wait till i gain a TC and wait for the Law firm to tell me my electives? - as i dont want to waste £12k

Hope you guys can shed some light! as the deadlines for TC’s and my law school fees are coming up! Thanks!


I forgot to mention, I studied a Law degree :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Most people are rejected from VAC schemes at some point. Don’t worry just because you’ve been rejected, but do try to bear in mind why you might have been. Remember that you can call firm’s HR to discuss with them what might have let you down too…
    -Poor second year grades could be a problem, but try to explain on your application forms why you got these poor grades, or that you realised your year two performance wasn’t good enough so worked very hard in year three to score a 2.1.

-Late applications could also be a big problem. Many VAC schemes and TC’s become full, early. You need to apply early for these things, in most cases, as early as you possibly can. If you’ve missed the boat, you can always apply next year.

-Application technique - could definitely be a problem. If you are writing poor quality applications they’ll certainly be disarded by HR. You need to spend hours making great applications with no spelling mistakes that pain a great picture of who you are and why you’d make a great addition to a firm. I cannot recommend enough that you spend a lot of time making your applications perfect!

-HND - this is almost certainly not an issue. Whatsoever. If you’re worried, call the law firms you’re applying to and ask them… but most law firms are really trying to recruit people with all kinds of qualifications right now so I think you’re absolutely fine. Regarding what grades to actually put on your applications - I can’t answer this. You’ll have to find out from firm’s HR - I suspect it could vary from firm to firm too…

  1. Law firms won’t automatically reject you because you’ve done the ‘wrong’ electives, but doing the right ones can support your applications - I mean doing electives that are relevant to the firms you want to apply for. In my opinion it is better to get a TC before the LPC year, (and the GDL year/penultimate year of a uni law degree) but only because there is less to lose - you know you have a job at the end of your studies. Without a TC in the bag, there’s always a small chance (and it is a fairly small chance) that you will pay for all that study, and not get a job.

Keep making those VAC scheme apps and TC apps and let me know how things go… had to rush this reply a little so feel free to ask anything more or expand on these points further - cheers!



Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:


I have a burning question, I studied a Btec National Diploma in software development before doing my law degree at a london uni.
Will this affect me when im making applications as there not A-levels but equivalents??

will law firms and big city firms disregard my applications and cv because of this??


Not really. But it depends on the firm. A good degree result is the most important thing.