Getting into consultancy

University of Glasgow

Hi guys,

This is my first post although I have used this website quite a lot over the past few months for information when needed.

Anyway, excuse the ignorance if this has been asked a million times but I’m looking at pointers on how to get in to MC (inc strategy) at the end of my studies - preferably from someone who’s currently employed or been in my situation and not guesstimates where possible!

I’m 23 and currently, I’m finishing up my HND in college (Scotland), I’ll be going in to first year at the University of Glasgow to study Business & Management. I’ll be choosing my modules around finance/project management and taking a small business consultancy module in year 3 (In Scotland, it takes four years for an honors degree). Of course I’ll be applying for internships etc with consultancy firms such as PwC (after some research, this firm sound probably the best suited for me as you don’t need to specialise straight away and get a taste across different areas) - but I’m looking to know what will help boost my chances (if any) of actually getting on to a consultancy graduate scheme.

As well as this, I also have several years work experience (with around two years experience leading teams). I know the grad schemes are highly competitive but I’m wondering; will my uni be respected enough for me to be taken seriously? Will my work experience benefit me and what should I be looking to do away from studying to boost my chances?

Any information anyone can give me would be great. I really want to pursue this career and feel that if I go in to uni with this as my primary focus, shaping my education around it and putting in the effort away from the classroom then I should be in good stead.

P.s. I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket, I have a few other interests but would like to commit myself to this in particular is there will be no harm done (it’s all business related anyway eh?!)