getting an aca training contract


just wondering how difficult is it to get a job with the big 4?
i am studying at a good university, should be getting a 2:1 a language based course, so idea i would want to go in to one of the top companies, does not have to be the big4, just big enough to big me the opportunity to use my language at work. does the fact that i am doing a language based degree mean i will have less chance at getting a job than a finance graduate?



2.1 language course from strong uni sounds exactly what big 4 are looking for. You’ll definitely have to show an interest in finance and have a good level of mathematical ability, but the fact you’re doing a languages degree certainly won’t hold you back. In fact, employers are VERY keen on candidates with language skills - so make sure you expand on your language skill in application and interview!

You certainly have a chance at Big 4. Make sure you get the 2.1 at least though, as this is important.

Good luck!


I think you’re in good shape. Ultimately, the [[Big 4]] will assess you themselves and your degree is not as important as your application and interview performance.


Incidently, most of the Big 4 hire approximately 50% finance related degrees and 50% other. Sadly it is unlikely that you will have an opportunity to speak another language at any firm for at least the first 3 years while you train.