Getting a job in publishing


I’m really interested in getting a job in Publishing - any kind really, although books are my passion. Any tips/hints on how to do this?? I’m actually applying for a job with this company (wikijob) as assistant editor - the job spec sounds really amazing so wish me luck!


…are you interested in publishing or journalism? The two indsutries are rather different!


Publishing is my passion, but any job that sounds interesting and a bit of a challenge are open to me at the moment!

I’m also applying for a job in advertising at the moment.


If publishing is your passion you should stick with it and wait until you find something in that industry. The fact that you are applying to several different industries will worry your potential employers and interviewers at interview.

Interviewers want to hire people that are dedicated to one industry/one job, like you are about publishing. If you went to an interview for an ad company and told them your heart lay in publishing they wouldn’t hire you. They’d think you’d leave them when a good publishing job turned up - and most likely, you would.

If you want to work in publishing, keep applying to publishing firms. Try to get experience as this is unbelievably useful for making contacts and getting jobs. But forget the journalism and advertising… if you want a top job you need to focus on your passion, not spread yourself thin.

Good luck.