Getting a job in investment banking with MSc in Finance degree


Hi everybody!

I am just wondering, maybe someone wants to share his experience or opinion of getting a front role job in an investment bank, for someone (non-British national) with relevant work experience in financial analysis (although not UK related), a postgraduate degree in finance obtained in one of the UK universities (top 20), and being a CFA Level I candidate.

Thank you!


You could potentially apply as either a graduate or an experienced hire… Although [[investment bank]]s are still recruiting, there is a definite downturn at present in this industry, and less people are being taken on.

In other words, if you want to go on a grad scheme then just apply for it (you are certianly qualified if you have a strong degree and some talent).

Aditionally, I would submit your [[CV]] to some recruitment agents who specialise in financial services and investment banking- they can probably also assist you and give you an opinion on your [[CV]].


Thanks for your thoughts!

Actually, I am more inclined to an experience hire (I have 5 years of experience, though). Yet, I am wondering to what extent my non-UK related experience may be relevant in this case?!


I’m sure it would be useful- particularly if you wanted to continue working as an analyst. If you wanted to go to front office, you should apply as you are already in a good position. I would add that you could apply for a financial analysis role and then move after a year or so.

I guess if you apply for both you will maximise your chances.