Getting a job in advertising/media industry


Hi everyone,

I thought it is just unfair that there are so many posts (and help) for other industries, however, nothing particularly up-to-date about the ad industry.

Hope this topic will get updated and some might find it useful.

Having been on some of the interviews, the obvious questions are:

  • Tell me about yourself (or the ‘Why you?’ question)
  • Why did you apply for this particular position?
  • What do you know about our company (or ‘why did you choose us?’)

That are the obvious three questions you definitely need to prepare to - knowing your selling points, knowing about the job you applied for and knowing about the company and industry. Know your CV and be prepared to answer, explain, discuss some of the points from it.

Another advice is obviously to prepare examples of ads/campaigns you like - e.g. a favourite tv ad or if you applying for digital - favourite digital campaign as well as knowing relevant ad/media trends and even news about Google/Facebook - it will be always relevant to know.

There will be many more other questions that they will ask. These are some of the questions I was asked:

  • So you told me all of your strengths. Which of these strengths is the weakest?
  • Which task would you be the least willing to do?
  • What happens if you get bored at job?
  • You were given a brief. Your first actions?
  • What did you learn from (a particular ‘working in a team and organising an event’) it and how you could have improved it, if organised again? (smth like this)
  • What do you think about advertising on Facebook?
  • What is the ‘perfect’ company you would like to work for?
  • What is the brand you would like to work on?
  • Where did you apply as well?

Hope someone will find it useful :slight_smile:
Also, if you have any questions feel free to ask and let’s share our experiences so that it will be easier and of help to the others!