Getting a grad job or any job after dismissal


I am facing disciplinary at the lightest form but most likely dismissal from my job for falsifying information during the recruitment process (I didn’t state my correct line manager - I gave someone else). I also didn’t tell either of my managers that I had a second job. In my defence, I didn’t realise that not stating a line manager is considered falsifying information (else i wouldn’t have done it) and I didn’t tell about the second job cos I was preparing to let go of one so didn’t see the need. I know it’s my own fault either way…

To top that up, three years ago, I was caught cheating in my exams (at university) and I know this is on my record for life. My four modules were capped at 40% and the one I cheated in, I was required to resit.

Looking at all this, nothing looks good for me, I look like a dishonest person overrall and is something which I would think of someone if I saw this on their screening check and didn’t know them or why they did what they did. Funnily enough, with all this, I have always been known to be a model employee/student and very talented and have gained promotions along the way because I am good at what I do (minus interviews).

I just wanted to know…

  • how will disciplinary affect me in my graduate application (assuming I got offered a job) ?
  • how will dismissal affect me in my graduate applications (assuming I got offered a job)?
  • Would they withdraw the job offer?
  • how easy will it be for me to get any job after all of this on my back?
  • Should I just hand in my resignation and just go to avoid dismissal or disciplinary? (This will affect me financially very badly as I have lots to pay and no other support)

the sacking will be on your record for 2 years but most companies don’t check so don’t ever mention that job as far as you are concerned you didn’t work at that company erase it from your head. As for the degree any thing below a 2.1 don’t mention it.


Thanks for your reply, I still got my 2:1 even after their capping.

I can’t really not mention the company as I have been with them for 7 years and they are my only real paid experience!!! I have been told a background screening is applied in private companies and this brings up everything including unpaid fees!!! And they check your employment history through HRMC so they will clearly see I got money from an employer I didn’t mention… :frowning:


I really wouldn’t mention the exam cheating…to anyone…ever again!!! Afterall, your result cannot be disputed. You did get a 2:1.

As far as your current job… speak to a colleague (who likes you) who’s higher up than you, and ask if you can put them down as a future reference. On subsequent application forms, just make their relationship to you very clear. If the form asks for a line manager, put down your referee and in brackets next to their name specify their role e.g. “supervisor”.

When asked your reasons for leaving…well, you could say that you’re looking for a new challenge…which will be completely true.

It’s a tricky tight-rope to walk. Don’t volunteer reams of information about the adversity you faced as a wide-eyed youngster. But, don’t lie either. There are certain employers that will always contact every past company you deign to mention. But, a lot of HR departments don’t go beyond the standard 2 or 3 you’d find on a CV.

Remember, it’s illegal for your past employers to give bad references that they can’t back up with substantive evidence. You do have seven years of good service with them, right? I’d be upfront at your disciplinary hearing and ask where you stand on future references. You’d be surprised how many companies opt for a very basic “yes he worked here, on these dates, in this role”.

But, this is all worst-case-scenario stuff. It may not come to that. It’s situations like this that make you thankful for keeping your trade union membership up-to-date. Get on the phone and call your rep. They can come to the disciplinary meeting with you and will know the rules inside and out. If you prepare your case well, you might get away with a slapped wrist.


Thanks for your response ZinZin88, much appreciated.

I don’t have any colleagues who are willing to provide me a reference as a result of this. They said I have to put my actual line manager down. Trouble is, she won’t give a good reference.

I’ve been in touch with my trade union and to be honest, they aren’t helping at all. They have assigned me someone who I can’t even get hold of and isn’t helping me at all.

I’ve been asked to attend a meeting with two senior managers and they’d like to discuss the reference. All they have labelled it is, reference query. They have not expanded any further. I am really worried what will happen as I know senior managers are on their back and I believe I will leave work on Friday with a suspended pending investigation.


Oh. I admit that it doesn’t sound good tommy_86. But, you do still have options:

  1. Phone the headquarters of your union asap. And, it’s important to stress that it’s the HEADQUARTERS you want to speak to now, NOT your branch. Let them know that your rep is incommunicado and find out your options. Be completely honest with them about everything that has happened.

  2. contact an employment solicitor immediately. If you do it first thing tomorrow morning you could get a meeting the same day. N.B. You will most likely be charged for this. But, chances are that your home insurance has a small amount of legal protection built in. If you have no money whatsoever your union will have it’s own employment solicitor.

  3. I’m extremely surprised by your line manager’s blunt reaction. I don’t know how good you are at your job. But, It sounds like there’s a lot of additional stuff going on here. Follow steps 1 & 2 and then hope for the best.


Thank you again ZinZin88, I really do appreciate your comments. In my performance reviews, I have always been told I am impressive with my work and have never had a bad word said about my performance. I really do an excellent job and always do work to the best of my ability.

My meeting is tomorow so I better come up with some good reasons as to why I didn’t put my current line manager down. The other line manager passed on the content of our conversation to the one who is taking forward the disciplinary.

Could you tell me if this sounds okay as to why I didn’t put my line manager down but someone else or whether it looks like intent to falsify information:

  • I didn’t put ref x down but ref a as I felt ref a would provide an accurate insight into my performance.
  • ref a was more of a line manager to me than ref x so could give an accurate picture
  • I interpreted the application differently and thought any manager within the workplace counts as a line manager and am aware that ref X is a line manager.
  • This is the second job I have applied for that has required references and I didn’t realise the importance of this.
  • I didn’t have a malicious intent to falsify… It was purely a mistake which I have clearly learnt from.
  • I have always been good in my performance and would like a second chance to prove myself.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you again.


Have you still not sought union advice from HQ?! They can often POSTPONE disciplinary meetings. Did you even try to speak to an employment solicitor?

I don’t know your situation well enough to give the thumbs up on the reasons you’ve given above. I’m sorry to be harsh, but you need professional advice, not excuses.


Yeh I did, they said to get in touch with your local branch who said there’s not much they can do on such short notice. I can’t afford the employment solicitor and nobody will do it free of charge.


If you are facing disciplinary proceedings perhaps the better option would be to resign. You can then create several reasons for resigning when asked in the future.