GES (Government Economic Service) Student Placement


has anyone else applied for this, been on this before?
does anyone have an interview coming up?
i have mine next week
does anyone know what kind of questions on economics they will ask?
any help would be much appreciated!





I also have an interview with the GES but still waiting for the exact date. :frowning:

I have heard that the fundamental economic principles are usually tested, so you should not go far beyond that in your preparation.
Particularly look at things like welfare economics, externalities, consumer choice…make sure you can explain these things in simple terms and even try to give examples if you can think of any…

Also, you could expect pychometric tests, but it is just a guess, i dont know for sure…perhaps the numerical test…
the key is to keep a cool head about it…

which department are you having ur interview with?

Good luck and look forward to hearing about your experience!


anyone got a place yet?