general management or ?


i have a bachelor in graphic design and a master of arts in design for interactive media.
i am thinking of doing either a master of science in general management or a master of science in management (logistics and supply chain)

  1. do you believe i could work with the general management master as a change in career ? or even use my previous degrees in a big design company ? or you must have a first degree in economics otherways there is no meaning ?
  2. do you think i have more chances if i do the master of science in management (logistics and supply chain) ? as i beileve in this area just a master is ok.


Hi there

What kind of career are you planning to move into? What type of management position appeals to you? That will help to ascertain which of the two masters degrees might be best. As for whether you can use your previous degrees in design, that may also depend on the industry and role you end up in, but don’t forget the soft skills those degrees will have gained you.


hi and thanks for the reply
well if i do the logistics and supply chain i am restricted to that field.
but if i do the broader i have broader horizons.
but first of i am trying to find out if i can be considered for a job relevant to the general management since my other degrees are not in economics.
also if you could give me an insight of the work possibilities it would be a big help since i would like to change my career.
i think that if i stuck with the same industries relevant to my first degree i have some chances. but what about something different ?
thanks for your time


Hi there

I don’t think you need a degree in economics to be considered for a general management position. For industries outside of design, work experience in that industry would certainly give you an advantage. Does the MSC in General Management offer work placements as part of the course?


hi and thanks again
no it doesnt, its one year. i cant get a definite answer as to weather or not i can get a management position without my ba deing relative. i dont mind if i have to climb gradually to a higer position, but i am searching for a definite answer cause otherwise i will be waisting my money and time and since i am 38 i cant afford both :slight_smile: my other choice is to do a 3 year bachelor on accounting and finance but i really dont want to spend 3 years if i can get a nice job with the master. this is the link to the master course the thing is i dont even know if i need relavent ba degree for the master in supply chain and logistics management.