General Management Insurance Lloyds Banking Group Telephone Interview 2014

Lloyds Banking Group


Hi there,

I have just had my telephone interview and thought I would let anyone who is about to have theirs or will do in the future, the types of questions that they asked me for help in preparation.

The questions the interviewer asked me, that I can remember were on the following:

  • Why Lloyds?
  • Why this placement, and what I am looking to gain from it?
  • Why the insurance sector and why would I be motivated to work in the sector?
  • What are my future career plans and how does this fit in with working for Lloyds?
  • What troubles are facing Lloyds at the moment (used the split from TSB)
  • And how are Lloyds looking to alleviate these troubles?
  • The affect of this on society and the sector itself?

Lastly there was one competency question, and I was asked about a specific experience where I was a leader and in charge. Use the STAR format, very helpful and makes it easier for the interviewer to write down.

Hope this helps someone!