General Cognitive Ability Test (GCAT) or OneTest Cognitive Ability Test



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I thought Australian and UK graduate job applicants would find this information useful as this test is quite popular in these two countries.
Cognitive Ability Test (CAT) combines different types of reasoning tests into one comprehensive examination. Specifically, it consists of a combination of numerical, abstract (i.e. diagrams) and verbal reasoning test questions.

One of the most popular formats of the Cognitive Ability Test is the test format developed by OneTest, an Australian psychometric assessment company. The standard OneTest test consists of 51 questions with a 20 minute time limit. The test measures three areas of candidates’ cognitive ability, covering most question types used in the world of pre-employment testing: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. Within each area, multiple question types are found such as numerical series, word analogies, deductive reasoning and more. It also checks English proficiency and vocabulary, deductive reasoning skills and the ability to identify rules and patterns in visual data.

Employers that use Cognitive Ability Test format include Deloitte, BDO Stoy Hayward, BMW, Pepsico, New south Wales government, RSM Bird Cameron, Australian Government, APRA, Medina hotels, Thiess, ARUP, Energy Australia, Pegasus Employment, Equisuper, BT Financial Group and Peabody Energy.

A typical CAT test allows only about 23 seconds per question on average. To an untrained eye this might mean confusion and frustration.
Practicing switching quickly and repeatedly between question types and thinking styles is proven to improve response times, which helps you reach your full potential. Your score is evaluated against other candidates who aim at the same type of jobs and positions. Therefore, you can gain a relative advantage over other candidates by learning to use our tutorial and practicing our tests.
There are two sources of test preparation packs for Cognitive Ability Test (compatible with OneTest format). and Jobtestprep. The former provides a tutorial guide that will talk you through types of problems (questions) used.

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